Posted by: RoddyJones | September 18, 2008

Decoding the Office Dress Codes

In the age of corporate branding, image is the key for almost all organizations. Corporate brands distinguish organizations from their competitors, orient the organization in the minds of customers and employees, and create a perception of what an organization stands for. A large part of corporate branding involves how employees conduct themselves, as such, dress codes have always been integrated into organizational corporate strategy.

Your company’s objective in establishing dress codes is primarily to enable employees to project the professional image. There are companies for instance that serve clients face-to-face and hence, require a formal dress code to bring a message of trustworthiness, quality, and knowledge. Read More…

Posted by: RoddyJones | September 17, 2008

How to Wear Boots for Fall

Now that fall is just around the corner, women are reconsidering their look for the coming change in season. The urban woman needs to say goodbye to those sandals and strappy shoes she was wearing all summer long. Instead, she is faced with the dilemma of choosing the right footwear to match falling temperatures while hoping to maintain her stylish appeal. One of the top options for fall and winter is definitely boots.

Not only are they the perfect footwear for the cold and wet weather, but boots also give off some powerful signals of power and sex, two adjectives that the urban woman always wants to attach to her self. Afterall, women’s boots are consistently reliable for those who want to bring out the oomph factor in their everyday look. Worn at the office, they express authority and confidence; and when taken around town on a night out, boots have more than once seduced men. Read More…

The urban professional always steps out of her apartment ready to conquer the city in style. So you have gone through the details of your ensemble –shoes, made-to-measure suit, sunglasses, and other accessories – but you might miss on one of the key pieces to a woman’s everyday look.

Designer handbags or high-street purses are as indispensable as lipstick these days. They always complete your look and wearing the right style is just as important as any element of your look of the day. The wrong handbag can make or break an outfit. Read More…

Posted by: RoddyJones | September 15, 2008

Layering Tips for the Urban Professional

Fashion has many layers – literally and figuratively!

If you think layering is only for the young, the hip, and the adventurous, think again. Layering can also work for the urban professional. It can spruce up those blah casual Friday outfits as well as lets you reuse basic wardrobe staples to create combinations that look completely new, innovative, and edgy.

Give your wardrobe a multi-layered edge and exponentially increase the mixing and matching possibilities of all the clothes that are in your dresser. Here is how to wear layers and still look age-appropriate, respectable, and completely pulled together. Read More…

Posted by: RoddyJones | September 15, 2008

From Work to Play: 10 Key Fall Pieces for the Urban Professional

Wondering how to dress up for fall? Whether you’re dressing up for play or for regular office hours at the cube, below are clothes for your shopping inspiration this fall. These key pieces should will keep you working, playing, or casually lounging in inimitable style.

1. Plain sneakers

The Italian-made Common Projects exploded onto the style scene last year. It’s still in this year. However, if it makes you wince to pay more than $200 for a Common Projects pair, get any brand of sneakers instead. White and simple, low tops can be worn during casual Fridays and for regular jaunts about town.
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Posted by: RoddyJones | September 12, 2008

Five Lessons in Color Coordination for the Urban Professional

Color coordination is tricky. Wear too little and you make Morticia Adamms look cheery in comparison. Wear too much and you look like you just walked off the circus. Your college might not have required you to take a course on color coordination but the ability to dress professionally and coordinate colors wonderfully – if not decently, at the very least – matters just as much as who you interned for and how.

Below are five simple tips for becoming color coordination-savvy. Master them and you can get away with buying very few workclothes and recycling your existing closet items.

1. White goes with everything.

There’s nothing wrong with raising the white flag – in fashion, anyway. White shirts and blouses work with anything, especially those boldly colored pieces you’re puzzled what to match it. Look sharp and coordinated with white; wear with a patterned tie or underneath a colored V-necked sweater.

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Posted by: RoddyJones | September 12, 2008

The Urban Professional’s Guide to Bargain Shopping

Just like any urban professional, you love a great bargain. But why shouldn’t you? You get to buy more for every hard earned dollar. Here’s a quick guide on how to score on bargain shopping. Read More…

Have you heard of the concept of investment dressing?

When you purchase clothes that cost much higher than you’d normally pay for, when you pay for suits that cost a small fortune but lets you look much more capable than you really are, you are, in effect, performing investment dressing. Any executive who has been around the block knows that it’s not so much how capable you are, it’s how capable you look.

If you’re standing in a huge dressing room staring at an astronomical price tag and wondering if a jacket or a cardigan is worth all the added zeroes, ask yourself the following seven questions. These will determine if there really is a need for you to buy clothing the equivalent of a second-hand car. Read More…

Posted by: RoddyJones | September 11, 2008

5 Steps to Dressing Up With Style

The alarm goes off and the soft rays of the early morning sun wakes you up. It’s time to go to work again today. Taking a quick shower and eating breakfast is one of the easiest parts of the morning routine but it abruptly ends when you open your closet. It’s time to dress for work. Before you are rows and rows of plain, old, boring suits so which one should you choose to wear today?

For every urban professional, dressing up for work is probably one of the most stressful decisions to make every morning, especially for those who are familiar with the little scenario written above. Here are a couple of tips to replace those pieces of drab in your closet and inject a little spunk into your everyday work clothes.
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Posted by: RoddyJones | September 10, 2008

Quirky Eats: The Urban Professional’s Guide to Offbeat Dining

What are you after each time you try out a new restaurant? Is it the food? The service? The location? The ambiance? The prestige? If it’s a unique dining experience you’re after, the principle of trying something new rather than getting something familiar, trusty, and delicious, then let Roddy Jones map out your next dining expedition. From bizarre food ingredients to prison cell accommodations, from miming waiters to literally reaching new dining heights, restaurateurs around the world will not disappoint.

Al Mahara – Dubai

Eating under the sea - literally!

Eating under the sea - literally!

Forget driving to the Al Mahara. You can’t get there on a four-wheeled vehicle; what you need is a simulated submarine voyage. The underwater seafood resto features a breathtaking circular aquarium and serves incredibly delicious seafood.

Top of the World – Las Vegas
If you enjoy food the same way you enjoy challenges, try Top of the World in Las Vegas. Located at the very top of Stratosphere Tower, Top of the World’s double-decker elevators will whisk you off the ground at a speed of three floors per second. The rollercoaster ride will stop once you reach 800 feet above ground, and there, dangling in mid-air with the whole of Las Vegas at your feet, you get to wine, dine, and test your stomach’s staying power.

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