Posted by: RoddyJones | September 9, 2008

Handbags And Storage: Doing It The Right Way

From Dolce & Gabbana - less than $1500!

From Dolce & Gabbana - less than $1500!

After chopping off an arm or leg (or any body part or organ, for that matter) to buy a designer handbag, the best thing to do with your investment is to take extra care of it. But this rule doesn’t only apply to expensive designer handbags, even the cheap ones that you bought on sale require the same tender loving care, as well.

It’s not likely that you will be using all your handbags at the same time, so the rest must be kept in your storage or closet, or wherever you may choose to park them. While they are just lying around, gathering dust, they are also prone to getting dirty, rust (for the ones with chain handles and metal embellishments), fading color, and worse, getting eaten by rats. You might as well bid goodbye to your $1,500 Dolce and Gabbana handbag! Here are a few tips to ensure your bag’s safety, so you can save them from the horror of being nibbled by rats and other pests. These will also help make your handbags look as good as new just like the first day that you bought them.

1. Store in a cool, dry place.

From Fendi - only $913!

From Fendi - only $913!

No doubt, when you bought your handbag, there was a dust bag cover that came along with it. Most high-end designer handbags usually include these when you make the purchase. Make sure that you store your handbags in their own dust bags when not in use. This will ensure that your handbag is free from dust and other foreign particles that might come in contact with it while in storage. If you weren’t provided with a dust bag cover, you can use natural fiber pillow cases instead. Even when you are at home, you should still keep the handbag you are currently using in a dust bag.

Only $357 from Roberto Cavalli!

Only $357 from Roberto Cavalli!

This will keep your precious possession safe from pets and kids. This will also offer your handbag a protected place from coffee drips or splashes from other beverages.

A better alternative to tissue or paper stuffing for your bag in storage is bubble wrap. Use it instead of the former because it does not attract moths. As you may know, moths can cause a world of damage to your prized handbags, and this should be avoided at all costs!

2. Handle with care.

From Versace - only $548!

From Versace - only $548!

Some handbags come with chain handles. When storing these types of bags, the chain handles should be tucked inside the handbags. This would prevent the chains from scratching the outside leather of the handbag. When planning to store your handbags for a longer period of time, undo the strap buckles so that they will not make an impression. Areas with impressions are really unattractive and would prevent you from using the bag in different styles – the messenger style where the straps are at their maximum length, and the over-the-shoulder style with shortened straps.

Your handbags, no matter how cheap or expensive, are precious investments that can last as long as you live. You should give them all the TLC they deserve.



  1. I just bought vintage designer bags. They look really good but they smell really bad! Old and musty and just plain icky. HELP!

  2. Frances, you just gave me an idea for next week’s post. Stay tuned! Hahaha.

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