Posted by: RoddyJones | September 10, 2008

Quirky Eats: The Urban Professional’s Guide to Offbeat Dining

What are you after each time you try out a new restaurant? Is it the food? The service? The location? The ambiance? The prestige? If it’s a unique dining experience you’re after, the principle of trying something new rather than getting something familiar, trusty, and delicious, then let Roddy Jones map out your next dining expedition. From bizarre food ingredients to prison cell accommodations, from miming waiters to literally reaching new dining heights, restaurateurs around the world will not disappoint.

Al Mahara – Dubai

Eating under the sea - literally!

Eating under the sea - literally!

Forget driving to the Al Mahara. You can’t get there on a four-wheeled vehicle; what you need is a simulated submarine voyage. The underwater seafood resto features a breathtaking circular aquarium and serves incredibly delicious seafood.

Top of the World – Las Vegas
If you enjoy food the same way you enjoy challenges, try Top of the World in Las Vegas. Located at the very top of Stratosphere Tower, Top of the World’s double-decker elevators will whisk you off the ground at a speed of three floors per second. The rollercoaster ride will stop once you reach 800 feet above ground, and there, dangling in mid-air with the whole of Las Vegas at your feet, you get to wine, dine, and test your stomach’s staying power.

Mim – Barcelona
So what if you can’t speak Spanish? If you eat at Mim’s in Barcelona, language won’t be a problem. With ‘slightly shabby’ theater for a theme, Mim has waiters decked out in full mime regalia. These waiters act out mime sequences, capping each night of feasting with a trapeze act which signals that Mim’s restaurant services have ended and its late night club scene is about to begin.

Toilet Bowl – Taiwan

You can have your toilet and eat there, too - literally!

You can have your toilet and eat there, too.

If nothing ever grosses you out, hop onto a plane and experience a toilet theme in Taiwan. Literally sit on privies and eat out of plates that come in only two shapes: Asian-style squat pots or Western-style toilets. Brightly-colored tiled interiors and urinal lighting fixtures complete your fine dining experience, toilet-style.

Der Kartoffelkeller – Berlin
How many ways are there to cook potato? The Der Kartoffelkeller in Berlin finds out by making the humble potato the ingredient of choice in more than 80 different dishes. Think potato meatballs, potato casserole, baked potatoes, rosti potatoes, potato pancakes – you get the drift.

Silk and Carnaby – London

Once upon a time, the Silk and Carnaby had been a courthouse. It was the infamous No. 1 Courtroom, the very place where Oscar Wilde and Napoleon III made their pleas. Be both jury and judge in this very historic restaurant which comes complete with jury benches, a witness stand, and three original prison cells with bunk beds and ice buckets.

Archipelago – London
Unlike the other restaurants featured here, it’s not Archipelago’s interior or exterior that surprises. It’s the menu. Anything exotic goes at the Archipelago. You can literally eat globally at the Archipelago, what with its food repertoire of the offbeat and the unusual. Want to nibble on locusts? Chew on crocodile? Gorge on kangaroo? Munch on peacock? You can do all these and more at the Archipelago.


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