Posted by: RoddyJones | September 11, 2008

5 Steps to Dressing Up With Style

The alarm goes off and the soft rays of the early morning sun wakes you up. It’s time to go to work again today. Taking a quick shower and eating breakfast is one of the easiest parts of the morning routine but it abruptly ends when you open your closet. It’s time to dress for work. Before you are rows and rows of plain, old, boring suits so which one should you choose to wear today?

For every urban professional, dressing up for work is probably one of the most stressful decisions to make every morning, especially for those who are familiar with the little scenario written above. Here are a couple of tips to replace those pieces of drab in your closet and inject a little spunk into your everyday work clothes.
1. Exchange the plain gray jacket with a trendy vest or cardigan. A cropped jacket will also do for this one. Don’t forget to play with colors. Mixing and matching is one good way to add colors to your outfit. If you aren’t adept with matching, consult a color wheel to ensure the colors you choose to wear aren’t going to clash.
2. Get yourself a red scarf or handkerchief made of good quality. Nothing else screams power more than the color red. This can also be worn in a variety of ways. Try tying the scarf to your purse or tucking it in your jacket or vest pocket as an added accessory. Better yet, use that red scarf as a belt!
3. If you have your man living with you, replace your basic white shirt with his shirt. This gives you an instant shirt dress! Just make sure that he still has one to wear for work as well. But before strutting out onto the streets with your man’s shirt, check whether the size and the fit will suit your build. If not, you have no other choice but to buy one. Get the smallest size that you can squeeze yourself into. As for the sleeves, roll them up if they’re too long.
4. Get a skirt. It’s boring to drown yourself in grays and blacks every single day. It’s downright sleep-inducing to wear nothing but slacks and pants. Take your pick from a slew of red, blue, black, and tan skirt suits. A word of advice: get a skirt with the appropriate length. You don’t want to look like a tramp when showing up for work.
5. Vamp up with shoes! These are the easiest way to add color and spice to your attire. Suits are particularly best worn with colored shoes since suits usually have a solid pattern to them. Get those heeled pumps and peep-toed ones in black because they can be worn with absolutely anything. Showing a bit of toe cleavage, thankfully, has now become very fashionable as well.
Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to work fabulously dressed and feeling livelier than usual. You are sure to be complimented throughout the day so be ready for those delightful thank yous and pleasing smiles.


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