Posted by: RoddyJones | September 15, 2008

From Work to Play: 10 Key Fall Pieces for the Urban Professional

Wondering how to dress up for fall? Whether you’re dressing up for play or for regular office hours at the cube, below are clothes for your shopping inspiration this fall. These key pieces should will keep you working, playing, or casually lounging in inimitable style.

1. Plain sneakers

The Italian-made Common Projects exploded onto the style scene last year. It’s still in this year. However, if it makes you wince to pay more than $200 for a Common Projects pair, get any brand of sneakers instead. White and simple, low tops can be worn during casual Fridays and for regular jaunts about town.

2. Black loafers
As comfy as your slippers but still as stylish as any of the footwear you would want to put on for a laidback yet still classy feel, black canvas loafers are the perfect pair of footwear for casual Fridays, lunch with friends, or a night about town.

3. A sophisticated tie

Highly versatile ties by Giorgio Armani

Highly versatile ties by Giorgio Armani

When it comes to fall a’tying, go gray or white and solid. Wool ties provide great texture to any outfit.

4. The just right jeans
Get jeans that can go from playful to sporty to semi-formal. Dark indigo wash is the most versatile color in the denim scale. Be sure to look for one with minimal or zero back pocket embellishments. That way, you can wear the jeans anywhere, everywhere anytime, every time.

5. Plaid (whether as a shirt or a jacket)

Plaid is back and this time around, not as a blanket. It returns as a shirt. If, in the old days, plaid had been vilified as the pattern of choice for grandfathers and rednecks, now it returns as a stylish component of the fall wardrobe. Choose a dark-colored plaid in classic colors and wear it underneath a dark-colored peacoat.

6. Hand-knit sweater
Chunky and comfy, a hand-knit sweater will add spice to any outfit. Look for the ones that blend alpaca and wool.

7. Striped top

Worn right, stripes are slimming. They visually elongate the body and could make you look thinner and taller. Choose stripes in dark hues. For a luxe and conservative feel, choose striped tops made from a blend of cotton and wool. Wear it with slate-colored khakis, dark denim, or a black peacoat.

8. Cashmere sweater

This time around, you can be adventurous in your choice of color. Purple is a hot hue this season.

9. Leather jacket

Leather jackets are back. Then again, did they ever completely go out of style? Leather jackets are versatile. Paired with the right pieces, they can go from casual to formal.

Note, though, that leather jackets should fit snugly. Wear ’em like the Italian do: fitted just like a blazer and with a thin layer of clothing underneath.

10. Corduroys
Cords are all right this season so long as they are pinwale. Wale refers to the thickness of the cord. To keep your cords looking classy and professional, get ’em sleek and small. Wear them during days when you want to give your jeans a day off. They’re just like jeans in look, feel, and formality.


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