Posted by: RoddyJones | September 16, 2008

The Urban Professional’s Guide to Choosing the Right Handbag for Her Body Type

The urban professional always steps out of her apartment ready to conquer the city in style. So you have gone through the details of your ensemble –shoes, made-to-measure suit, sunglasses, and other accessories – but you might miss on one of the key pieces to a woman’s everyday look.

Designer handbags or high-street purses are as indispensable as lipstick these days. They always complete your look and wearing the right style is just as important as any element of your look of the day. The wrong handbag can make or break an outfit.

It goes without saying that handbags are indispensable accessories these days because the urban professional needs something to put her essentials in, such as her i-pod, make-up, blackberry, etc.

Depending on your body type, bags or purses can be an effective accessory in hiding your flaws and bringing attention to your assets. A discerning urban professional should not only look at the material and color of a handbag but also consider how it suits her frame. From among the many shapes and sizes – oversized, small, slouchy, pouchy, round, rectangular, long straps, short straps – how then should a woman choose the right handbag for her body type?

Large Breasts and Wide Shoulders

Women who have full breasts and heavy shoulders can bring the eyes away from their upper torso by getting a handbag with long straps and that finish around her waist. A messenger-style bag can help balance out your figure. A medium-size clutch purse carried in the hand is also a good option. Do not accentuate your breast area with handbags that finish around your chest.


For women who have big hips and round arms, large, structured handbags like totes and briefs will balance out your full figure. The strap should finish at the upper torso, just under the arm to draw the eyes away from your waist and hips. Go for medium-size bags as opposed to small ones that would disappear from your frame. A structured, rectangular bag would counterbalance your womanly shape.

The short woman can easily be overwhelmed by oversized handbags. Find a small bag proportional to your tiny frame, such as this Fendi handbag with a chain strap. Wide tote bags also make you look shorter. For added height, go for bags that are long rather than wide.

Tall and Skinny

Generally, slim and tall women can get away with most handbag and purse styles. Small bags however will make you look like a giant so go for at least medium-sized ones like this Just Cavalli suede bag. Skinny women also need to counterbalance their figure with something broad, slouchy, or unstructured such as a Hobo type. Round, oversize bags will give you an illusion of curves.

So there, as a general rule, choose a bag shape and size that is in contrast to your body type. The bag should also finish at that part of the body where you want to draw other people’s eyes to. Do not be tempted by trendy styles of designer handbags that do not suit your figure. With the variety of designer handbags filling the stores these days, there are many alternatives for women of all shapes and sizes.


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