Posted by: RoddyJones | September 17, 2008

How to Wear Boots for Fall

Now that fall is just around the corner, women are reconsidering their look for the coming change in season. The urban woman needs to say goodbye to those sandals and strappy shoes she was wearing all summer long. Instead, she is faced with the dilemma of choosing the right footwear to match falling temperatures while hoping to maintain her stylish appeal. One of the top options for fall and winter is definitely boots.

Not only are they the perfect footwear for the cold and wet weather, but boots also give off some powerful signals of power and sex, two adjectives that the urban woman always wants to attach to her self. Afterall, women’s boots are consistently reliable for those who want to bring out the oomph factor in their everyday look. Worn at the office, they express authority and confidence; and when taken around town on a night out, boots have more than once seduced men.

However, boots are not the easiest footwear to pull off. Wearing them with confidence is of course a given, but still there are ways in which the drama of wearing boots can be maximized. The rules are pretty easy to follow though and primarily they depend on what kind of boots you are wearing – ankle boots, calf-high boots, or knee-high ones – and what you wear them with.

Ankle boots

Long skirts and ankle boots are a classic combination. The skirt can be full or narrow, but keep in mind to show no skin, which looks awkward otherwise. If worn with short skirts, ankle boots have to paired with ones that are a couple of inches above the knee to show off legs. Ankle boots work best with pants of any kind as long as they are not cropped.

Calf-high boots

Calf-high boots fall a few inches below the knee and are probably the most versatile in the lot. They do not have the seeming awkward height of ankle boots but not too intimidating as knee-high ones either. A skirt that is long enough to cover the top of your boots is one of the most flattering items you can wear with calf-high boots. Shorter skirts also work quite well. Skinny jeans or pants look classic when tucked in calf-high boots. To infuse some edge to a woman’s look, calf-high boots can be worn with dresses too.

Knee-high boots

The most dramatic in the women’s boots family is definitely the knee-high ones. They are perfect for those women who want to add length to their legs. However, veering away from looking like a slut in them can best be done by wearing skirts, either tight or billowy, that cover the top of the boots.

For this season, choose the boots that best suit your personality. If you want to look relaxed, tall and flat boots are for you. For glamorous women, choose the pointy and tall ones. Always remember that the change in season is a good opportunity for you to reveal a different side of you. Boots are indeed some of the best accessories that you might have to invest in at this time of the year to bring out your edgier self.


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