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A Short Guide To Smelling Good With Cologne

Only $8.53 from Avon

Only $8.53 from Avon

Choosing the perfect bottle of cologne that suits you and buying it is only the beginning. You still have to learn the art (yes, it’s an art) to wear the cologne. It doesn’t matter if you bought a cheap $8 bottle from Avon, or a $45 Eau De Toilette by Giorgio Armani. If you don’t know how to apply it, then it’s worth nothing.

From Giorgio Armani - only $45.65

From Giorgio Armani - only $45.65

Applying cologne doesn’t really require great skill or dexterity to master, but you do need to learn a couple of things like where to put it and how much to apply. This will ensure that you will smell good at the right places and that you will have the right amount of scent on you at all times.

Colognes are usually placed on strong pulses. These would be on your left and right wrists and also on the pulses on your neck. This is so that the cologne is easily spread to the air and can easily circulate to other parts of your body, preventing the scent from just concentrating in one area.

From Benetton - only $3!

From Benetton - only $3!

Learning the correct amount to spray or dab guarantees that you will have that subtle hint of cologne on you. This will avoid the chances of spraying on too much, which may result in an overwhelming scent that may be too intense for the people around you. Spraying too little would, in turn, produce less than the ideal effect. The outcome for both is a complete waste of money.

If it’s your first time to use a particular cologne, or if you haven’t used it in a long time, it will take a few pumps to drive the cologne out of the bottle. When trying to get the cologne out, make sure that you don’t direct the opening at your face, or else you’ll accidentally get cologne on your eyes. This will sting and hurt – definitely not something you want to happen!

Only $21.13 from Azzaro!

Only $21.13 from Azzaro!

So let’s get going on learning the art of applying cologne. The first thing that you need is the cologne, of course. Follow these easy steps:

First – spray one pump’s worth of cologne on either your left or right wrist.

Second – rub both your wrists together so that both your wrists now have the scent of the cologne.

Third – rub your wrists on either side of your neck where the pulses are located.

You are done! That was quite easy, wasn’t it? Now you can grab your bag and head out the door to start the day fresh and smelling good.

Only $60.41 from Issey Miyake!

Only $60.41 from Issey Miyake!

Although there are colognes that you only need to apply once, there are some that needs to be reapplied a couple of times throughout the day. This would depend on the cologne’s quality. Those cheap ones usually lose their scent in just a couple of hours, while the more expensive ones last longer. When you do need to reapply, simply repeat the process, and you’re good to go.

Do justice for the cologne and the money that you have worked hard to pay for it, and learn how to use the cologne properly. Soon you will reap all the good rewards of taking the time to learn how to apply cologne.

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Handbags And Storage: Doing It The Right Way

From Dolce & Gabbana - less than $1500!

From Dolce & Gabbana - less than $1500!

After chopping off an arm or leg (or any body part or organ, for that matter) to buy a designer handbag, the best thing to do with your investment is to take extra care of it. But this rule doesn’t only apply to expensive designer handbags, even the cheap ones that you bought on sale require the same tender loving care, as well.

It’s not likely that you will be using all your handbags at the same time, so the rest must be kept in your storage or closet, or wherever you may choose to park them. While they are just lying around, gathering dust, they are also prone to getting dirty, rust (for the ones with chain handles and metal embellishments), fading color, and worse, getting eaten by rats. You might as well bid goodbye to your $1,500 Dolce and Gabbana handbag! Here are a few tips to ensure your bag’s safety, so you can save them from the horror of being nibbled by rats and other pests. These will also help make your handbags look as good as new just like the first day that you bought them. Read More…

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Let Live and Let Tote: Caring for Your Designer Handbags

Just Cavalli™ large mustard yellow handbag

Just Cavalli™ large mustard yellow handbag

You may not be big on proper handbag care but when your tote costs as much as a second-hand car, you should be. Simply tossing your Prada purses, Fendi baguettes, and Kate Spade clutches to the bottom of the closet will wear them out faster than you could go shopping for the latest Hermes Birkin. Get the most mileage out of your designer handbag by keeping them in pristine condition. Here are some tips.

If you think the only thing you need to buff up in a recession economy is your resume, think again. You need to improve your appearance, too. Studies show that the job market has become so competitive employers do not only consider an applicant’s educational background and abilities, they also look at the applicant’s presentational value.

Think about it. No less than His Hairness, Donald Trump, blogged that beautiful or attractive people are more likely to receive higher entry salaries, get promoted, or make charismatic, successful leaders. A study conducted by an executive search firm, Ladders, showed that 22% of hiring managers think better-dressed employees are more likely to be promoted. Meanwhile, 60% admitted they are more likely to take employees in a formal business attire more seriously. Read More…

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Essential Handbags For The Urban Professional

A woman can never have too many handbags, and that’s a given fact. It’s the same with shoes, but that’s another story to tell at another time! This here is all about handbags and the essential ones that should be in every urban professional’s closet. Read More…

Designer watches are not just luxury goods; they’re crafty, nifty little machines that help the urban professional keep styling and keep time. Here are some more brands that are worth their weight in hours, minutes, seconds, and dollars.


Want a watch that takes a licking but keeps on ticking? Splurge on a Timex!

Built to last lifetimes, Timex watches are virtually indestructible. They’re designed to withstand extreme torture, extreme temperatures, extreme conditions. Timex watches have been tossed off Acapulco’s cliffs, trampled upon by an herd of elephants, clipped to the tip of Mickey Mantle’s bat, and buried in the Yukon tundra at a chilling 70 degrees below zero — and not only did they survive, they kept accurate date and time!

But wait! If these have not convinced you of the Timex’s invincibility, here’s more proof. Timex watches have been buried in seaweed, strapped around a turtle inside a water tank, and trapped for six months inside the stomach of a basset hound. And again, they took the beating and kept on ticking.

Oh yes, the Timex is tough. It should compete in The Survivor, neh? Read More…

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Tote The Tote You Made!

Necessary Objects black tote bag on sale now!

Necessary Objects black tote bag on sale now!

As an urban professional, one of your imminent goals is to be financially solvent enough to be able to afford every piece of designer clothing and accessory ever conceived out of a Taiwanese assembly line. However, this may take a while, which means you’ll have to make do with affordable clothes and accessories>, or shop for designer items at a discount without having to sacrifice fashion and style. A good way to make sure of this is to make stuff yourself! Not only will it not cost you an arm and a leg, you also get to be creative and original.

One such item you can easily make yourself is the tote bag. All you need are scissors, a sewing machine or just a needle and thread, and your imagination. Here’s how: Read More…

Real men wear jewelry. Real men love hardware. What better way to fuse both than through the designer watch? Designer watches are not just pretty timepieces; they’re also lean, mean, study pieces of hardware that tell time and do other functions besides. Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing designer brands around and discover what makes each timepiece an investment as sound as stock certificates.


What makes Fossil watches a smorgasbord of styles? Variety. Fossil lets you choose your case, choose your band, and come up with exactly the look you want. With 17 collections to date, you can have your pick of Fossil watches – from casual dress watches to high-tech chronographs – and wear ’em, too. There are even four special collections of Fossil watches – two of them designed by Frank Gehry, the other two by Philippe Starck. Starck’s watches are of the sleek, clean-lined cuff styles and come in steel, black, cream, and bronze.

The Gehry collection, meanwhile, are true to form, and reflect the interesting architectural twists that Gehry is known for. One is amazingly quirky. Rather than display time as 8:50, it shows this in Gehry’s handwriting and in quaint colloquial style: 10 to 9. Read More…

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Broke? Make Your Own Purse!

Save Over $150 on this Coach Sky White handbag!

Save Over $150 on this Coach Sky White handbag!

Designer purses don’t come cheap, though they’re available at more affordable prices in some places. Still, it’s a given that not everyone can afford a Fendi, or a Coach handbag, and if you’re one of these unfortunate souls, you’re facing a life of burdening your arms with your everyday essentials. Unless, of course, you make a purse out of a plastic bag – now there’s a thought! With a little bit of creative ingenuity, you can actually turn those pesky plastic bags into an uber cool purse. Read More…

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The Right Cologne for The Right Occasion

For most guys, a cologne is just that fruity-smelling stuff in a bottle that their girlfriends got them for Christmas and are forcing them to wear. Urban professionals, however, know and appreciate the subtle nuances that come with putting on such a scent. Read More…

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